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Reflecting the tone of myriad laws that govern the operation of a business in India, Accounting and Regulatory services too encompass a very wide range of services. In order to make your search for the right service more meaningful and fast, we have presented the services we offer in five broad categories with each having sub-categories.

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Business environment, by nature is dynamic, which necessitates businesses to comply with various legal requirements, at the same time adapting to changing industry developments. We at JCSS,address the compliance, diagnostics and forecasting requirements of our clients. We provide advisory services taking legal, policy and local factors into consideration, making it customized, contextual and optimal solutions. Be it structuring existing businesses or restructuring them through mergers, demergers or joint ventures, we have successfully taken care of the processes across diverse sectors in different countries.

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Corporate Advisory

JCSS, with expertise gained from monitoring the market and our experience, takes into consideration the prevailing economic scenario, and factors affecting specific industries, will assist you in:

  • Detailed and Iterative Business and Financial Plan
  • Negotiating and Finalising Term Sheets
  • Commercial, Financial and Tax Due Diligence
  • Shareholders Agreements – Share Purchase Agreements